Superbike...and the money

lately one thing that caught my eyes,looking over those pictures in magazines,internet really made me in awe and thus,every other mens on this planet too would love to own,are the so called superduper sensational machine aka superbike.
superbikes are categorized into three different cc as far as i know comprised of 250 cc,600cc and 1000cc.What's the different is the higher the cc,the more enjoyable ride you would have,it's more to say the heavier the weight of superbike,the greater satisfaction you would get.haha.thats quite difficult to explain,bcause i never actually experiencing the superbike on my own.
Based on my calculation,analyzing the cc that could suit me,assuming my weight to ride the heavy machine,so i would say 600cc the best cc that suits me.There are many companies compete each other trading thier bikes.Ducati,Honda,Yamaha,Bmw,Kawasaki,and not to mention other less famous superbike like KTM,suzuki et cetera et cetera...
In category of 600cc,Yamaha with their brand name R6 yamaha,honda with CBR600,Kawasaki with their brand name ninja zx6r,and suzuki with the so called gsxR.
All these four have their own specialities from the aspect of engine,body,exhaust design,max speed,the comfortableness you could get during the ride.The comfortableness is subjective,it is to say that it depend on what type of orientation the superbikes are purposely designed for,track orientation and street orientation.If it's track orientation,so be ready enjoying a more faster maximum speed during the ride.And if it is street orientation,it is said it is more harder to handle though.Whatever the description might be,I actually never know what's this all about because as i told u,i never experiencing it before.
So,enough typing already ,what now,you can't dream of having it if you dont have the money.
That's how i put an end to this conclusion.haha

-posted on 4/5/09-

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