the malays phylosophical thoughts

When the prime minister and his deputy announced about the economic transformation programme,so the first that popped up in the minds of everyone especially the bumiputra is what are the agenda that could benefit them.
In total,what the bumi wants is their specialities and their rights are securely protected without disputed by the nons.
this covering all aspects especially economics,education,property,et cetera et cetera.What draws my attention is how the bumi and of course the malays handle the rights blessed upon them.These specialities is always mishandled in a properly word or corrupted in a more offensive word.
The malays just waste all the chances given to them.Put an example,if  Malay contractors are given a tender to do certain project,what they would do then is really unacceptable.We know they would give the tender to 3rd party or subcontractors which most of them are non bumiputras.
Most of us already knew about this and this is really disapponting right?
The malays indirectly have proven succesfully that they are a very lazy hopeless people.That's so disappointing to us because even the non bumi said so,but the malays are still just deaf to the sayings and they're seems so indifferent to that.Well,i'm apart of the malays and i have the right to do the talks because i want us malays know that we can actually prove the non bumi wrong by putting an excellent example in every field.Like once our malays students did in their spm which people like atiq,amalina,and others had achieved unbelievable result in SPM,something like non bumiputras cannot do and break their records.This truly something that made the non malays pay a high respect to us as malay.From that moment,they started becoming well aware of extraordinary potential that the malay have.
Lets prove to others Malay is a great people and not just a race with full of modesty and kind-hearted,lets prove that we malay rules this our lovely land which once our ancestors had proudly inherited to us the symbol of greatness!

-posted on october 2010-

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