Yesterday ....it was a bad day..after went through all this ,striving my best and struggled to death,but the outcome is nothing....what do you feel then?
of course,this will be somehow very disappointing no matter if you tell your brain to convey a steady impulse on the body to act calmly,acting indifferent in front of other people.
certainly i can't do this thing,i can't pretend acting calm with the problems are so high mounting in me.

hypocrisy is what everyone hates the most.Only few of them would love to be hypocrite!
and notes some people are not realizing they're being hypocrite,while some others deny that they're hypocrite instead pointing others are hypocrite. @_@


Don't you realize,living in this world is just on temporary basis but i wonder why people are so crazy chasing their dreams,and that willing to do anything and putting the just and unjust aside so that their dreams will come true.And then,after they got what they want,they will never feel satisfy of what they have achieved...well,this is what humans are...

Humans,the purpose they're created for of course to devote their life to the god almighthy and by following the rules in quran,they are guaranteed won't be lost.Masyaallah.

Thus,be grateful to Allah for what anything He has given to us.Lets pray our life ended as khusnul khatimah( a good end ),insyaAllah.ameen

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