Aku Perlukan Lebih ramai followers!!

aku kira,aku memerlukan lebih ramai followers untuk aku menyampaikan pesanan-pesanan dan nasihat untuk kawan-kawan ku,blogger-blogger dan sesiapa sahaja...aku ingin menjadikan blog ini sebagai wadah dan medan permulaan ku untuk berdakwah..aku bukanlah seorang pendakwah yang mempunyai ilmu yang hebat dan tinggi di dada tetapi aku ingin berusaha ke arah itu...bukankah dalam surah al asr Allah berfirman...


Demi Masa!
Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian -
Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar. 

oh Allah,tolonglah hambaMU ini untuk mencari redhaMU...aku ingin menjadi pencintaMU...tolonglah aku... 

Dimana Dia di hatiku....

Semasa Rasulullah SAW dan Sayidina Abu Bakar bersembunyi di Gua Thur, dalam perjalanan untuk berhijrah ke Madinah, musuh-musuh Islam sudah berdiri di hadapan pintu gua dan hampir menemui mereka.
Ketika Sayidina Abu Bakar cemas, Rasulullah SAW menenangkannya dengan berkata, "jangan takut, Allah bersama kita."
Itulah kehebatan Rasulullah, Allah sentiasa di hatinya. Lalu kita, bagaimana? 

Apa yang kita perlukan melebihi keperluan kepada Allah?

Kita perlukan Allah lebih daripada kita perlukan udara. Kalau hidup tanpa Allah, apalah guna kita hidup. Hati akan mati, hidup hilang erti. Tanpa-Nya kita hilang arah dan diri sentiasa gelisah. Jiwa akan terasa kosong sekalipun punya nama, rupa dan harta yang melimpah-ruah.
Orang yang cintakan Allah akan tenang dengan mengingati-Nya. Orang yang takutkan Allah pasti bergetar hati apabila mendengar ayat-ayat-Nya. Andai cinta dan takut Allah ada di hati, kita seolah-olah memiliki segala-galanya. Itulah kekayaan, ketenangan dan kebahagiaan yang hakiki dan abadi. 

Di Mana Dia Di Hatiku?

Itulah suara kalbu yang mengungkapkan segala rintih pedih, ratap harap serta suka duka seorang hamba yang sentiasa mengharap redha-Nya. Sesungguhnya Allah itu dekat, pintu keampunan-Nya lebih luas daripada pintu kemurkaan-Nya.


many things happened lately....

all i can say is alhamdulillah...syukur...

All those things that happened made me think of how we as Allah's slave must be grateful to HIM for what HE had destined for us...

If HE hurt us in certain way,there surely will be a better plan for us ...just wait patiently and keep praying to HIM for making our task easy in everything we do...

Alhamdulillah...syukur :)

only six months left

6 months left for me to be assigned officially as a doctor,the title that no one should think it as glamourous as everyone(not taking this course) has imagined.
Lots of things i haven't learned yet but don't worry for my my future patients,ill make sure im going to be a good doctor for the sake of pride.
i wont let down,my patients,their relatives and of course i wont let myself down for failure to save,that actually could happen  in the life of doctor.

the malays phylosophical thoughts

When the prime minister and his deputy announced about the economic transformation programme,so the first that popped up in the minds of everyone especially the bumiputra is what are the agenda that could benefit them.
In total,what the bumi wants is their specialities and their rights are securely protected without disputed by the nons.
this covering all aspects especially economics,education,property,et cetera et cetera.What draws my attention is how the bumi and of course the malays handle the rights blessed upon them.These specialities is always mishandled in a properly word or corrupted in a more offensive word.
The malays just waste all the chances given to them.Put an example,if  Malay contractors are given a tender to do certain project,what they would do then is really unacceptable.We know they would give the tender to 3rd party or subcontractors which most of them are non bumiputras.
Most of us already knew about this and this is really disapponting right?
The malays indirectly have proven succesfully that they are a very lazy hopeless people.That's so disappointing to us because even the non bumi said so,but the malays are still just deaf to the sayings and they're seems so indifferent to that.Well,i'm apart of the malays and i have the right to do the talks because i want us malays know that we can actually prove the non bumi wrong by putting an excellent example in every field.Like once our malays students did in their spm which people like atiq,amalina,and others had achieved unbelievable result in SPM,something like non bumiputras cannot do and break their records.This truly something that made the non malays pay a high respect to us as malay.From that moment,they started becoming well aware of extraordinary potential that the malay have.
Lets prove to others Malay is a great people and not just a race with full of modesty and kind-hearted,lets prove that we malay rules this our lovely land which once our ancestors had proudly inherited to us the symbol of greatness!

-posted on october 2010-

Superbike...and the money

lately one thing that caught my eyes,looking over those pictures in magazines,internet really made me in awe and thus,every other mens on this planet too would love to own,are the so called superduper sensational machine aka superbike.
superbikes are categorized into three different cc as far as i know comprised of 250 cc,600cc and 1000cc.What's the different is the higher the cc,the more enjoyable ride you would have,it's more to say the heavier the weight of superbike,the greater satisfaction you would get.haha.thats quite difficult to explain,bcause i never actually experiencing the superbike on my own.
Based on my calculation,analyzing the cc that could suit me,assuming my weight to ride the heavy machine,so i would say 600cc the best cc that suits me.There are many companies compete each other trading thier bikes.Ducati,Honda,Yamaha,Bmw,Kawasaki,and not to mention other less famous superbike like KTM,suzuki et cetera et cetera...
In category of 600cc,Yamaha with their brand name R6 yamaha,honda with CBR600,Kawasaki with their brand name ninja zx6r,and suzuki with the so called gsxR.
All these four have their own specialities from the aspect of engine,body,exhaust design,max speed,the comfortableness you could get during the ride.The comfortableness is subjective,it is to say that it depend on what type of orientation the superbikes are purposely designed for,track orientation and street orientation.If it's track orientation,so be ready enjoying a more faster maximum speed during the ride.And if it is street orientation,it is said it is more harder to handle though.Whatever the description might be,I actually never know what's this all about because as i told u,i never experiencing it before.
So,enough typing already ,what now,you can't dream of having it if you dont have the money.
That's how i put an end to this conclusion.haha

-posted on 4/5/09-


Yesterday ....it was a bad day..after went through all this ,striving my best and struggled to death,but the outcome is nothing....what do you feel then?
of course,this will be somehow very disappointing no matter if you tell your brain to convey a steady impulse on the body to act calmly,acting indifferent in front of other people.
certainly i can't do this thing,i can't pretend acting calm with the problems are so high mounting in me.

hypocrisy is what everyone hates the most.Only few of them would love to be hypocrite!
and notes some people are not realizing they're being hypocrite,while some others deny that they're hypocrite instead pointing others are hypocrite. @_@


Don't you realize,living in this world is just on temporary basis but i wonder why people are so crazy chasing their dreams,and that willing to do anything and putting the just and unjust aside so that their dreams will come true.And then,after they got what they want,they will never feel satisfy of what they have achieved...well,this is what humans are...

Humans,the purpose they're created for of course to devote their life to the god almighthy and by following the rules in quran,they are guaranteed won't be lost.Masyaallah.

Thus,be grateful to Allah for what anything He has given to us.Lets pray our life ended as khusnul khatimah( a good end ),insyaAllah.ameen